ciurus value gallery

This is an example of "Atmospheric Perspective" because it really makes you feel like you're in this forest.
This is an example of an unbalanced value Distribution because there are darks and lights all over the place and it does not really look that organized or coming from one specific light source.
This is an example of a high contrast piece because there are all the colors that you would see on the value scale.
This is a low contrast piece because there isnt much variety of value, and mostly just one color overall
This is an example of a balanced value distrobution because everything is in perfect value and everything fits in the bright parts where the sun gits to the darkest shadows on the ground
This is an example of Value Scale because it shows all the different lights and darkness that we can see ON the value scale itself.
This is a good example of cast shadow because it shows the headless roosters shadow on the wall, as well and the light source on the roosters neck
This is a good example of Attached Shadows because on "howard the ducks" jacket and gloves, you can see the shadows, not on the ground or trash can etc.
This piece (Cleverly named Chiaro OScuro) is a good example OF chiaroscuro, because it have light, it has dark and it has space in it
This is a example of Volumetric value, because it shows 2D shapes look like 3D Figures
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