The great egyptians art

By, Danielle VanLuvender

This sculpture is a young teenager in the nude. She holds a pomegranate, a symbol of fecundity. This means fertility and growth. She shows the dominate female features. She shows youth and pureness.
The sphinx was shown as a king in the New Kingdom art. This sphinx has wings incised in the body, very rare for the New Kingdom art. Some of the body features were repaired like the legs. There is a large gash in the right cheek.
The hedgehog burrowed under ground when food became scarce. Only to returned to the surface when food was an abundance. This was referred to when an Egyptian passed and when the spirit came back to the body after death.
This cat was a representation of a god of solar eye. The spitting image, according to the ancient myths. The egyptians mortals showed their destruction through animals like this one. This god was enchanted throughout egypt and was a ceremony piece.
The centaur is hunting his prey, the gazelle. The centaur at its last attempt at the gazelle, but he wants the creature alive. The gazelle is a sacrifice creature during Egyptian times. As this is inscribed in the white limestone.
Credits: All media
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