Christianity and art

A collection of works depicting Christianity and how it is perceived, as well as the effect that artistic culture has had on our world.

The famous painting, "Creation of Adam," which currently adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
This painting depicts Jesus among the doctors. Jesus was known for performing miracles by healing patients who the doctors believed they could not help. This scene tells the story of one of these times.
"The Last Supper," painted by Albredht Durer, captures the last supper Jesus had with his 12 disciples before he was crucified.
This sculpture is of Moses, one of the many men referred to in the Old Testament of the Bible. Moses was a strong man of God, even willing to sacrifice his only son at God's will.
This sculpture tells the story of Cain and Abel, two twin sons in the Old Testament. As the story goes, one twin turned rotten and jealous and killed the other, and their story is used as a lesson.
This work shows the women, Mary Magdalene and Mary, at the tomb upon discovering its emptiness. This was a huge revelation and turning point for Jesus' followers and for everyone.
This work depicts the moment when David, a relatively small boy who served as a shepherd while his older brothers were soldiers, defeated the giant Goliath. The moment served as a moment of hope and strength to all.
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