The way they used the different shades of color and the strokes gives the water a texture making it seem real as if it is moving.
There is an implied texture here. The painting almost looks fuzzy. It gives it somewhat of a subversive texture because i wouldn't connect this flower with being fuzzy.
The use of the single color and different shades gives this picture an implied texture. It makes the clothing look so real. I imagine this feeling itchy from what looks like tulle.
The hair gives this picture texture. It makes it look rough and scruffy. If I touched it I would feel coarse hair.
This looks like a real rabbit. The strokes make the hair look soft and fine to touch.
The horse almost looks shiny. Like its reflecting the light off its hair. I can picture the texture to be very smooth and sleek.
The fabric around the neck, although subtle, gives the clothes some texture. It makes it seem real and three dimensional. Again it looks like its made from tulle.
You can see and predict what her clothes would feel like, what the net would feel like. The clothes thick and smooth. The net rough and coarse.
The strokes of paint give the dress lots of texture. Although it doesn't look real, you can see where it creases and imagine feeling the wrinkles.
Everything in this picture seems to have a texture. I can picture feeling the roughness of the car. The different shapes of the buildings. The feeling of the trees and leaves on my hand.
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