Perspective on Napoleon

A collection of Napoleon Bonaparte's life. Gallery Created by Tanner Ledenbach

Napoleon Bonaparte was a military general who became the first emperor of France. His drive for military expansion changed the world. To me, this statue symbolizes his legendary status in history.
He was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica, France. This portrait of him as a child shows the dichotomy of his innocence, while later in life rising to great power through military means.
If you compare his childhood portrait to this one, you can see an obvious difference in his age but also demeanor. As if his manhood were written on his face.
This image is powerful, with the horse on its hind legs charging and Napoleon's face looking, what looks like, directly at the viewer. JL David is probably one of my new found favorites with the vivid detail and magnificent background.
This piece looks as if people were begging Napoleon for their lives if not trying to fight him. Did AJ-Gros intend him to be beckoning his soldiers to stop fighting?
This very interesting technique of sand sculpting shows Napoleon and his men retreating home. He and his men were said to have came down with tyhpus and Koet depicts it very well in this installation.
This shows more of Napoleon's sensitive side as he reads something with his child laying on his lap. They aren't alone though. See the man on the left writing something? Very nice detail in the grandfather clock and in the foreground mantel on the right.
This one stuck out to me in all of the pieces I found. I especially like the rawness this has to it, with the use of pencil. It kind of adds some contrast to my gallery as it's just a simple sketch.
I like how the positive space in the foreground of all the soldiers and how it coincides with the negative space of the smoke in the background. This battle put an end to Napolean and shows in their faces.
Here he is shown in a sculpture at the end of his life. With Vela giving him a disheveled gown it looks very appropriate. It's also interesting to point out that Napoleon III bought this exact piece. Napoleon I died on May 5, 1821
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