Art elements  

Brianna Timmons

Line: this picture uses line because it uses many different line qualities to make shapes through out the art work.
Shape: This picture uses shape because it refers to hard edges with perfect sides and human designed qualities, throughout the paintings on the wall their is specific shapes.
Form: This uses form because this object has height and width. You can walk through the sculpture and around it.
Value: this is like value because this artwork shows the lightness and darkness of one color.
Space: this shows space because it has negative space, (around the squares) and positive space (squares that pop out of the wall).
Texture: this shows texture because it looks as if it might feel bumpy or rigid. Just looking at it you can tell that its not flat.
Color: this shows color because it shows the brightness and darkness of certain colors by putting colors over other colors and around them to give them different perspectives.
Credits: All media
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