Moral Character:  "good" or   "bad" 

Moral character can be defined "of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior. Moral character is often a way evaluate a person. Since the beginning of time there has been this idea of categorizing something as "good" or "bad." Who gets to chose what defines a certain object or person as "good" or "bad"? This exhibit displays controversial people and events. Some may believe these people and events are "good" and some may believe they are"bad". 

"I began to collect material for a book called The Day the World Ended." Kurt Vonnegut"s Cat's Cradle discusses events that took place on August 6, 1945, specifically the day the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The title of the book-to-be displays the intense emotions this event brought about. Science is a main theme in Cat's Cradle. Science. in the book, is described as something evil. Science was obviously used to create the atomic bomb that killed over 350,000 people. Science in that aspect would be considered "bad." Many people would not agree with the idea that science is "bad." In the world today Science has benefited our health knowledge which both would be considered "good".
This depicts someone worshiping. Religion also plays a huge role in Cat's Cradle. Bokononism is a religion that is solely based on lies. On page 265 Bokonon states, "Don't be a fool! Close this book at once! It is nothing but a foma!" Foma, of course, are lies. Since the day we are born we are taught to be honest. The fact that Bokononism is based on lies would be considered "bad". Despite it being based on lies, Bokononism brings much of the people great joy and happiness, which would be considered "good".
This olympic athlete depicts power. Power plays a major role in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash." Hiro Protagonist, the main character, initially works as a pizza deliver for the Mafia. On page 17 Hiro feels a sense of relief when a Kourier offers to help deliver his pizza on time. "His heart expands to twice it's normal size. Tears come to his eyes. He may live." The fact that the Mafia wants all the pizza's to be delivered promptly is a "good" thing; however, the fact the Hiro has to feel his life if he is a minute late with the delivery is a "bad" thing. Hiro fears the power the Mafia has over him because it makes him realize how powerless he really is compared to a large group like such.
Graffiti is a way for one to escape reality and express themselves. In Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, the people too have a way to escape reality: The Metaverse. On page 36, he says "If you're ugly, you can make your avatar beautiful." The Metaverse is a way for people to escape reality and be who they really want to be, which is a "good" thing. The Metaverse, however, has some downfalls. A drug named "Snow Crash" was discovered. Snow Crash affected hackers in the Metaverse and also crippled people's CNS in reality, which is "bad."
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