Shared Dreams - Byron Miller

This gallery focuses on surrealist art: dream like pieces that inspire viewers to conjure his or her own interpretation of the meaning behind the artists' work. Highly ambiguous pieces were selected in order to force viewers to think outside their mundane way of viewing the world. Keep in mind, you are entering the dreams of artists, therefore; you enter their spirits. Enjoy. 

The Dreams of Men depicts the scene of a man in bed while another man stands over him with his hands raised to the sky as if gesturing to the image above. Above both men, a flock of angle float amidst soft white clouds. Two young women rest at the foot of the man in the bed. The image appears to be in motion due to the posture of the character, and the soft edged lines used in the piece.
Without Hope depicts a woman laying in a bed with two rounded pillars raising from the headboards. A funnel shaped red stream of vomit coming from the woman’s mouth contains dead animals and skulls. A wooden ladder supports her vomit construct. The scene takes place in a dessert with a rock formation on the right side of the image. The right side of the picture depicts the sun above the rocks and the left side of the image displays the moon.
The Citadel depicts a mutilated human head. The head has been sliced in half, vertically. The left head remains in place while the right has been horizontally cut in half. The two pieces from the right half are rotated with the organs displayed. Jagged teeth fill the subject’s mouth.
Couple au tēte plein de nuages depicts two golden frames in the shape of humans from the shoulders up. Both figures have elongated ears. The figure on the right has a abnormally long neck. Within the frames, an image similar to the plains of Africa runs a perpendicular scene of sand and sky. A small giraffe and rock formations decorate the scene of the left figure, while a rock and a small cluster of mountains beyond the horizon decorate the right figure’s image.
Angel Soldier is an exhibition depicting mannequins wearing floral fatigue and black combat boots while hanging from different lengths of wire. Flowers hang from wires, blending with the soldiers. The highest soldiers start from the waist down, creating the illusion of the soldiers descending into the room. The exhibit is displayed in room with white wall which allow the colors of the piece to stand out.
Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Titania and Bottom depicts and a humanoid figure with the head of a donkey, surrounded by small people and animals. A woman dressed in white leans against the male fire, holding a carnation. The scene takes place in a cave filled with shrubbery. A starry night sky peers through a cave entrance in the back of the cave.
Surrealist Composition depicts two large, transparent buffalo heads standing over two transparent human; one female the, the other male. A light blue sky meets a black surface which creates a horizon line that runs through the buffalo. To the left of the buffalo, a line of buffalo tails trails into a the horizon.
We inhabit the corrosive littoral of habit depicts a male head and female torso connected via white cloth. The scene takes place on the beach. In the background, a rock formation and slopes behind the woman figure to form the horizon. A thin sand colored platform is under the woman figure with a strip trail of brick poking through.
New York, No. 1 depicts a cluttered two-dimensional view of New York. The artist uses shades of grey and brown to capture the colors of the city. Thick lines create bridges and buildings with large windows, reflecting white light. The artist draws the viewer’s eye to a web of lines centered in the image.
The sow depicts a complexed humanoid figure made from a variety of heads and various other human body parts, to include: a man’s head with blackened eyes, a woman’s nude torso, and a contorted human leg. Each object in the piece appears to be captured in motion, creating a dynamic image. Dreams form nonlogical structures and beings. The sow manifest such a being.
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