Keep on moving

This gallery includes the movement that exists in nature. Its the way your eyes glide through an artwork towards certain focal points. Gallery Created by: Samantha Cabral

This artwork shows some ducks swimming in a pond. Movement is depicted in the waves of the water, they are moving a certain direction as if the ducks just swam. Shown with line work.
The image shows a tree trunk. My eyes are automatically drawn to the bottom of the tree. The artist uses lines to draw the eye from the small top of the trunk to the large bottom.
The artwork shows a town with a little yellow house and large spring trees. The first thing that stood out to me was the yellow house. The shape and color of the house stood out to me.
The image shows a field of grass. The movement in this artwork is everywhere. My eyes never stop moving around. The line that runs across the image would immediately catch anyones attention.
The image shows a Wreath. The use of shape and lines carries the movement going from the top of the Wreath down to the very end of it.
This artwork depicts a mountain and a river. The lines in the mountain slope down to the river. The image kind of carries you along.
This artwork shows a typical landscape. The soft edges around all the shapes kind of blend the entire image together. This lets the eyes travel through the image smoother.
This artwork shows a landscape view of a small town and a pond. The majority of the image uses earth tone colors making my eyes drawn to the bright sky and the reflection in the pond.
This artwork depicts the night sky and a small town. Van Gogh uses lines throughout the painting to carry the principle of movement.
This image shows a picture of a lake. Another artist makes great use of lines to show movement from the middle of the painting, straight down to the bottom.
Credits: All media
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