This gallery features forests and trees in the artistic style of impressionism and the medium of ink. The reasoning behind my choice for this gallery is due to the way the artists use contrast, value, space and emphasis to give life to these images, which do not make use of color. 

This piece is Kyung Koo Kang's impression of the woods. The piece was done in ink. The value element is the most prominent here using black and white. I can't help but feel movement in this piece as well.
The medium of this piece is ink and it portrays a flooding forest. The artist uses emphasis and movement to draw your eyes to the figures in this image. The way he uses the lines all over the image makes it feel there is action happening.
This beautiful piece done in the medium of brown ink and pen over graphite portrays A Strand of Trees. The use of space makes us focus on these trees and gives them a very lonely feel. The artist uses texture, making the trees seem like they would feel rugged.
This undated piece was done in brown ink and depicts trees. I love the artists use of contrast and emphasis, having different trees in the image lighter and the most upfront tree most bold. Your eyes are guided up into the spirals of the trees.
The forest in this piece was created using black ink. The elements that stand out most to me in this piece are texture and value. The artist portrays such detail using only shades between white and black. The amount of texture in the image is amazing, making the forest seem like it is a rough place. He makes you think you would feel many different textures if you ran your hand over the image.
This piece, depicting a "Clump of Trees," was created using pen and brown ink. The artist uses the elements space and value to focus our eyes onto this small group of trees. The space gives one a sense of loneliness while drawing your eye to the darker lines at first, then letting you notice all the detail through more light lines.
This depiction of the woods was done in brown ink. This piece caught my eye for being more unrealistic than the others. The artist's use of emphasis and value help draw our eyes to the trunks of these trees. Without drawing our eyes to this first, it may take one longer to distinguish what this image actually depicts.
I love the artists use of the contrast and emphasis principles in this piece created with black and brown ink. The contrast between the blacks, browns and whites are really used here for all the elements in this image. The extreme changes in value bring out such cool aspects of this image. Definitely one of my favorites.
Another forest landscape that was done using ink. Like the other artists in this collection, this artists uses the elements of value and space to give this image life. The darker values in the image draw your eye to notice the small figures roaming through the forest. The use of shading really gives you a good idea of how large this forest much be.
Another favorite of mine. This image depicts a Grove of Trees and was done in ink. The most noticeable principles in this image are contrast and emphasis. The contrast of values make your eyes follow the trunk of the foremost tree, leading you to elaborately drawn leaves and branches which seem to swirl. Without drawing our eye to the trunk using the contrast of values, my eyes would easily wonder all over the image. I definitely love the artists use of shade, emphasis and contrast.
Credits: All media
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