the halo of christ by Stephen Lucero

Hello, my gallery will take a look at Jesus's halo, it is represented in almost every painting of him depicting his divinity as the holy one and it makes him stand out from other people in the crowd. We will be looking at oil paintings, and canvas depicting Jesus's halo and his life.

This painting by Baltasar de Echave depicts Jesus as a baby, he is being adored by a crowd of people around him. I chose this painting because it shows Jesus as a baby with a small halo around his head showing that he is divine since he was born. The light in this picture seems to be coming off of Mary and Jesus and they light up as bright as the sun.
In this painting by Valentin Metzinger, you will see baby Jesus putting a crown of flowers on St. Joseph's head, you will also notice that Jesus is the brightest of everyone in the painting. Jesus is shown next to angles and a human, and you can see how his halo makes him stand out from everyone else depicted.
The sketch by Jacques Callot depicts Jesus at a young age in all of his glory. You can see that young Jesus has conquered the devil depicted as a dragon under Jesus's foot. While he is holding a staff depicting the crucifixion and books behind him, this is a more modern representation of how people see Jesus as he has conquered evil since an early age.
In this painting by Luis Juarez, Jesus is kneeling praying to the heavens and an angel comes down holding the challis. This depicts that the angel is telling him that his blood must be sacrificed to open the gates to heaven. Here in this painting you can see that Jesus's halo is just as bright as the heavens he prays to.
In this image painted by William Blake, Jesus is depicted in a white robe with a halo over his head. He is performing a miracle by giving a blind man named Bartimaeus his sight back. This Image shows a mountain range as the background and five men in the scene, what caught my attention is Bartimaeus and his stance. He looks like he got hit with something powerful and is trying to make sense of what is happening, or what he is feeling.
In this image painted by Bartolome, Christ is getting baptized by John the Baptists. It is a very bright portrait and although Christ does not have a halo in this image you will see that there is a dove above his head with the sun. It also seems as if the light rays coming down are giving him his halo as the water is being poured on his head.
In this image by Taddeo Crivelli , that it depicts the last time Jesus was with his apostles you will see that he has inlaid Jesus's halo and his apostles halos with gold. This is a technique that must of been reserved for the higher class. He also used very bright colors and did a good job with linear perspective in the roof and floor, and the faces that this image depicts.
Painted by Tiziano Vercellio Da Cadore, this image is one of my favorite ones. It depicts Christ with the crown of thorns on his head and a faint halo behind that. There is little light in this image suggesting that it was a dark time but Jesus's halo still shines through.
In this image painted by El Greco in the 1590. It depicts Jesus embracing the cross while there seem to be dark clouds behind him. The colors of his robe seem to be representing the body and the blood of christ to be sacrificed. You will also notice his halo and how it blends into the clouds
This image painted by Henry Fuseli depicts Christ after he as resurrected. He is being assumed up into heaven and leaving his desiples here on Earth. You will also notice that the peoples skin is a very light color but Jesus's halo still outshines the light that is in the image.
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