I selected landscape paintings that I thought looked realistic but still an interesting piece. The first painting is by Hubert Robert and is titled "An extensive landscape near Paris". This image uses texture, space, and color. The texture makes the the landscape look very realistic, soft, and smooth. The space makes it look like certain parts are the painting are closer while others are further. Lastly the use of colors makes the painting look like a realistic picture. The next painting is by Jacob Isaacksz van Ruisdael and is titled "Landscape with Waterfall". The image uses color, texture, and space. The color used makes the piece look very realistic, for example the color used for the waterfall make it look like you are just looking at a picture of water. Texture is used throughout the whole image and makes it look very realistic. For example, the clouds have almost a pillow-y texture. Lastly, space is used. The space makes things look further and closer in the picture. 

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