The shades of blue

Google Art Project

I chose this because japanese art always give a better since of enviroment.
I chose this because blue makes you wonder if she is sad or calm
The shades of blue give it that errie feeling
I chose this because the blue lets you know that the character is sad
I chose this painting because the shade of blue clams you
The shade of blue makes it really feel like the water is flowing
The blue makes the water flow and also creates an imagination of what the weather is like
The blue in the plant brings out the other qualities of the plant
The shade of blue green is showing water flow and is also calming
The shade of blue green really brings out the features in the plant
The blue outlines the calming mountain
The blue in the zebra makes him feel like he's blending in with the blue background
The shade of like blue gives the sense of patriotism
The blue shoes the water flow and also gives a rocking boat sensation
I chose this because of the light blue sky gives a sense of summer time
This blue gives the sense of bad waters.
The blue sends sign of depression
Blue gives off a sad feeling and that she is sad
The blue makes her look like she is of royality
Credits: All media
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