Nature's Beauty - Impressionism

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An area with an many trees in which they are used by water as a mirror. This creates the strength in which how the artists works and exemplifies creativity.
Once more, water as a mirror is used to display creativity, while to maintain abstract design. The sun fall also combines with the mirror design and how it works to create abstract covert art.
This is more of a bright area most likely to express light or happy feelings, the sky is dense but bright, and the shading is not as much as others. As the title pertains it expresses a wind impact.
Used for many color variants whilst having a far end background to be able to contain details. To a color scheme to another. This creates an uplifting or neutral theme.
Color use is very strong in this photo, while having a green to light green/etc color scheme. It shows the infield of depth and is described with dark color variants although containing bright ones.
Credits: All media
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