Norman Rockwell Exhibition

This exhibition is about the well known artist Norman Rockwell. Rockwell always knew he wanted to be an artist and was very successful at a young age. All of these particular works cast a light on early American culture. They range from everyday American life to the civil rights movement. These works are captivating, inspiring, and moving.

This painting is of an African American girl being escorted by policemen to her new all-white school in New Orleans. This photo depicts the desegregation that was happening and people were very critical of this work. Although it was happening all around the United States, no one liked to look at it directly as it was a reminder of "The Problem We All Live With". I chose this painting because it was such a raw, controversial depiction of American life in the 1960s.
This painting was used as a cover for Country Gentleman. Rockwell did several covers for Country Gentleman depicting Cousin Reginald, a city boy who goes to live with his country cousins. I chose this illustration because it was humorous while showing the trials of living with a distant relative.
This painting depicts childhood play and mischief around the 1920s in America. It makes you beg the question, "What are these boys up to?" This is one of the many paintings Rockwell did for the Saturday Evening Post. This painting spoke to me in its beauty and mystery.
This is another painting Norman did depicting the desegregation era in the 1960s. It shows an African American family moving in to an all-white neighborhood. The white kids look curious and ready to play with the new kids in the neighborhood, but the adult peeking through the window suggests that it will be harder for them to adjust to the new neighbors moving in. I chose this painting because, again the controversy in the 1960s shines through and it is interesting.
This is one of 47 covers Norman did for Literary Digest of everyday American life. This shows a young girl returning from vacation. You can see she has souvenirs surrounding her as well as two photographs depicting where she may have visited while on vacation. This painting shows Norman Rockwell's ability to depict everyday American life and culture.
I chose this illustration because it is very moving. You can feel the painful outcry of injustice that was brought upon these men. It is inspiring and one of my favorite paintings by Norman Rockwell.
Norman Rockwell wanted a connection to the infamous Daniel Boone, who was known for being an explorer and woodsman. He was an American icon and frontiersman leading the way for boy scouts everywhere, which is why I chose this painting for the exhibition.
There is someone in an upstairs window peering down on the boy as he is walking down the sidewalk with the football. He looks as if he is looking away, probably in deep thought. His shadow seems to be significant in the mood of this painting. I love this painting because you can make your own assumptions about what you see. This painting has deep meaning and feeling.
This painting is another show of everyday American life. It is a couple receiving a gift of their first silver. You can see the joy radiating from both of their smiles. It shows the excitement of a new chapter in the start of their life. Norman shines a light on American culture again in this beautiful painting.
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