Japanese Art

Pottery, which was first made in  the Jamon period of Japanese history. Later in the era, the pottery becomes more ornate, but is still useful and is still decorated with rope impressions. 
This is a bronze sculpture, it looks like it's in the shape of a bell. It is in the tradition of moving away from the Jomon pottery and into art that is more designed and less practical. It was made during a time of prosperity, when art could be used more as a leisurely activity, adding decadence and beauty to society rather than just sustainability. 
In the Kofun period, sculpture becomes more prominent, especially funerary sculptures. Funerary sculptures, like the warrior are supposed to be important things that you would want to carry on into the next life. 
Buddhism in art becomes much more prominent during the era of Asuka and Nara.
Scrolls were a very popular and important art form and way of telling story during the Heian period. They often depicted the court life, like this one. 
During the Komukura era, the warrior class became the most important one in Japanese society, more so than the noble and aristocratic families, warrior families were most respected during this time of international strife. 
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