what is love?Is it just Romance? Is love limited to husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend?. Is love available to the rich and poor or love is just love. it will answer questions of Romance, does romance still exist?.  I bring you and exhibition of what I consider love. These artists depicted their ideas of love through the use of colors and a paint, as will bring them together to convey my knowing of what is love. In the end, you might still not fully put love into a category rather I want all to understand that love is freeing and is not limited to no one. As some come in the form of Romance and some just love.

Romance is an artwork by a Spanish painter named Santiago Rusinol. This artwork is written in 1894 and considered an impressionism painting. I choose the painting to feet my romance theme because of the movement and body language of the two figures. The man staring into the eyes of a woman he might possibly have romantic feelings for. Such great body language exhibited showing the technique of the painter in depicting emotions.
Peasant Couple in a Doorway. Is such a romantic painting. It is an artwork by Adriaen van Ostade in 1667.It is a black and white painting of a man and a woman embracing in a loving way I chose this painting because glorifies how love can not be limited. The title itself is self-explanatory. love can be seen in the eyes of anyone even peasants.
This Portrait is named a Young Man, by Giorgione. This painting was done in 1510. it is beautiful yet simple painting that gives an overview into the artist himself. As it is not determined what exactly is shown. The artist i say seems to want to allow the audience to make their interpretation. I chose this painting because of the confusion in the face of the figure. His body language depicts love and romance. However what type of romance can it be, is he feeling the pain of love or is he just daydreaming of love. therefore it is up to the audience to decide.
The Hope Nourishes Love painting is by jean-Jacques Cafferri. It was written in 1769. The paintaing is of a curvy woman who represents hope as she nurses a cupid i.e(symbol of love). I chose this painting because of the gestures depicted. It is very motherly and nurturing. the cupid dropped its bow and arrow almost a sign of trust to the hope woman.
April love is painting that shows a woman getting her hands kissed by her suitor as she dramatically poses. the painting is by Arthur Hughes. I choose this painting because of its resemblance to Romeo and Juliet. a suitor romancing and been affectionate to a woman. it is a love story every woman admires and desires. serves as a reminder of what courting was in that era.
Love painting. Is an art piece by lee jung-seob. this piece is very recent as it was painted between 1914-1961. I choose this artwork because of how modern it is and how it fits into modern day romance. a man hanging out with his girlfriend as he shows affection by been interested in what she likes. painting her nails.
Grace thro Love is an art from the year 1865 by Julia Margaret. It is a black and white painting of two individuals. through the painting I can say it is a young child and an older woman. This is a very beautiful painting. the emotion between the young child and the woman. the imagery is so profound that it leaves the audience to assume a relationship between the two. Mother and child.
Return of the prodigy Son is a paintaing done in 1665 by rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. it is based on the biblical story of a rich boy who after taking his father riches and wasting it returns back to his father and asks for forgiveness. the father then decides to forgive as he holds his kneeling son. I choose this painting because it shows the borders love can conquer. A fathers love for his son can surpass a son's sin.
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