Copy of The Bedroom (Click thumbnails below)

This is the 1st of three bedroom paintings created by Vincent Van Gogh. He also created two letter sketches (one to his brother Theo, the other to artist Gaugain)
Look closely at the window. Is it completely closed, open slightly, or wide open? Why do you think this is?
What do you see in this painting hanging above the bed? See the painting that experts believe was actually hanging.
Why do you think there are two chairs in the bedroom?
Who are the people in these portraits hanging on the wall? Find the answer here: and here:
What do you think of these objects?
Take a look at the ceiling. Does the perspective look correct? If it looks a bit off - it is because the room actually had an unusual shape and a slanted roof.
How would you describe the texture? How would you describe the brush strokes?
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