Erica's Gallery 1

This piece of artwork by van Gogh demonstrates the beauty of a variety of shading to add shape and dimension. The colors and stroked used are not traditionally done but blended together they create the shape of this man's profile.
This pictures reflects dimensionality as well as enlisting the use of colors to evoke emotion and the portrait of a vivacious town life.
This artwork titled "Line Work" shows the different lines and the way that they can be shaded heavier and thinner to create an abstract look.
This golden object demonstrates a geometric shape as well as organic shapes.
The painting by Paul Cezanne of a young Italian woman uses shading and value of colors.
This artwork that portrays the interior of a church shows perspective and has three dimensional depth.
The texture of this painting is rough and does not articulate many details but still evokes the touching image of a mother with her baby.
This image shows the volume and mass of fruit on a plate and then allows for it to be contrasted with pieces of pottery to show its contextual size.
The colors and textured lines over the paint spots make a feeling of limited space.
This picture uses contrasting colors and shapes to make the picture feel like it is in motion. There is movement and a timeless feeling evoked.
Credits: All media
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