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This painted basin is a Neolithic treasure, unearthed in 1955 in Banpo village of Shaanxi province.
Discussion about a dancing scene has been going on for more than four decades, Most people believe that this is an accurate recreation of ancient revelry.
The jar is widely believed to be a coffin as it contained bones of an adult when it was unearthed. Many people believed this was a coffin of a tribe leader because usually they don't have coloring on them.
In the Chinese culture,both phoenixes and dragons are imagined animals and endowed with superstitious power.
When this colored lacquer cased was excavated from the 2 Baoshan Tomb in Jingmen, Hubei Province, it contained red pepper, which was used as fragrant incense, bronze mirrors, bone hair clasps, shells, and more so it is believed to be a make-up case.
This T shaped painting, was served as a funeral banner in the Western Han Dynasty. It can be divided vertically into four sections.
This mural in Prince Liang Tomb is one of the earliest extant tomb murals in China. Images of life and death could only be drawn on coffins or burial banners due to space restriction.
As a new form of tomb image emerging with the tremendous change of tomb structure, murals still bore close link with the old type of tomb adornment, namely, burial banners. In this tomb, the mural of “Ascent to Immortality” was painted on the ceiling, below which is the cover of coffin, where a burial banner would have been placed according to traditions of previous dynasties.
The scenes illustrated on these murals are so lifelike that we could get a picture of what life was like back then.
The resort to visual means to give grave admonitions has turned serious texts into pleasant sensory experience. For example, in order to visually explain the admonition “all of us feel the need to adore our appearances but unaware of the urgency to improve our morality,” the painter created a beautiful noble lady putting on make-ups in front of a mirror.
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