Performance Tracking

My gallery "Performance Tracking" has to do with musicians and different kinds of performers playing different kinds of instruments in concerts, by themselves or in private events. These consist of different kinds or art paintings and photographs. Each of these musical performances are different but at the same time relate to each other because of the fact that music is a universal language, no matter where or when you were. 

This musical performance called "The Concert," was painted by Judith Leyster in 1663. 2 of these people are married to each other while the other is a family friend. The vocalist is the wife, the violinist is the husband and the lute player as the friend. The trio must work in unit or "In Concert" so critiques say that this shows virtue of harmony
The artwork is called "Musical Performance ; Page Of Calligraphy. This was created in 1750, the painter of this piece is an unknown artist, and there isn't much said about this. This seems to be more of a private event between family. The people on the left watching, most likely father, mother and aunt while the children are on the right, either hiding on the bushes or playing the performance live.
This photograph, "Gone Are The Days" was actually taken in 2014 by Shelter and Martyr la Biennale di Venezia, which is very recent. The artist in this picture is known as Theaster Gates. He was born in Chicago in 1973, he was raised there and now he works in Chicago. His performance has to do with themes such as relational politics and community.
The "Painting of 'Bhairavi Ragini'" was created in 1675. Unfortunatley, the artist of this painting is unknown. This is in relation to the classical Indian music which is called "Ragas." Raga music consists of a melody, a bundle of notes, and/or has tonal structure made for composition but also with freestyle. "Raga" comes from the Sanskrit root "ranga" meaning "colour."
This painting is called "Christmas Trio" and was created in 1923 by Norman Rockwell. In this year, the only inks that were used to print the Saturday Evening Post was red and black. Rockwell did not care about that rule and ended up making his painting full color because he needed "to make the original look better".
This photo shows the performance called "Stone And Singer" in 2014 which is recent. The artist in the picture is Tori Wrånes and she is from Sydney, Australia. Her music is said to be strange yet compelling. Tori Wrånes In this performance, she was accompanied by a cast of brass palyers.
This oil on canvas is called "Orchestra At The Opera." Created in 1870, the artist behind this was Edgar Degas. He created this orchestra with 3 zones in the painting. The bottom being the public area which is not shown in the painting. It is below the center pit, which is where the musicians play, and at the top section is where the performance is with the ballerinas.
This art paint by print is a scene from the "Giz Galasi" ballet, written and choreographed by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli's. The creator of this artwork however is unknown. The performance was premiered in 1940. The location of this setting was the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Afrasiyab composed a figurative structure in sync with the ballet which works for the folkwore works.
The performance in this picture is called "Play and Play; An Evening of Movement and Music." This was taken at the Joyce Theatre in New York by Paul B. Goode. In this picture, it seems to be a performance of musicians using string instruments playing orchestrated music while the two men on the left are performing a dance to correlate with the music.
This painting is called "Paganini." This was painted by Ferdinand - Victor - Eugene Delacroix in 1831. On March 9, 1831, Eugene Delacroix went to the Paris Opera to see Nicolo Paganini perform live. Paganini was known to be a legend as an Italian violinist and composer. Delacroix took a mental picture of what Nicolo looked like, with his paled skin, missing teeth, long black hair, etc. He showed that Paganini played with emotion while playing the violin
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