Stetler Gallery Walk

it makes me think about poor and beaten down towns while rich and amazing cities are being made. All these people have are the memories taken in photos that they ****** ** and on the towns walls spreading their little joy.
this amazing painting tells me that there may be other life and other planets like earth, but we will never truly know how to take care of them for they get polluted and ruined by man. we are just throwing away our home by not having world peace.
this is making me feel like the world is speeding by me . this is a fast moving world and i feel if people aren't aware of it are going to be left behind.
this reminds me of hair. like blue yellow and orange crazy rocker hair. i really love this painting it speaks to me.
this makes me think of how everyone will die at some point but its not the end our soul of our body will contuine to go on.
these animals are the kings and queens of our jungles and are beasts. they are truly amazing and very pretty creatures.
this is amazing we are here for a long ride and the open road ahead tells us to be ready for the unexpected and prepare even though you may not care. it also stands out to me because it is saying take a chance go for it.
i love this it makes me feel like i am flying over the world like i am leaving going else where. this relaxes my mind and makes me feel like a dreamer.
i really like this painting it is so cool . if you look closely you can see that these are road sign warnings.
i think snakes are bad luck and thi sis an ironic painting because there are a bunch of snakes on stair so i think the snakes are cursing the stairs so who ever walks on them will fall down and hurt themselfs.
this picture makes me think about how god is watching over us all the time even we are in our darkest hours.
this looks like to me someones throwing there feelings down on a pure white canvas . i think the blue is probally representing the aristes deepest feelings.
this i think is so cute! i love these little creatures! if i could have one i would .
this look like to me earth with no land and just pure water that is still and has no problems to creat waves or movement.
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