I have chosen 10 works of art, from various artists and media, to portray my view of "innocence".  In my opinion, innocence is a portrayal of purity that emanates from something or someone.  Innocence is a form of beauty, that when captured at the right moment, is nothing less than breath-taking.  

This photograph has captured a precious moment in this child's life, a moment of ultimate purity and innocence. In this perfect moment in time, a helpless child is being caressed by his mother.
This portrait is a portrayal of the beauty, innocence, and youthfulness of a young woman. She appears neutral in her expression, with no sign of stress or worry, almost as if she were deep thought.
In this photograph, it appears as if the family is mourning, possibly for the death of the newborn, in the focus of the shot. The family looks entirely pure and innocent in their expressions of mourn.
The love, or attachment, that these two zebras are clearly sharing seems both endless and beautiful. Animal love is so pure and lovely because it is truly real, and there is never an ulterior motive.
Animals in general appear so pure and innocent, but baby animals, especially sheep, seem so virtuous and untainted from the troubles of the world, like the mother and baby lamb in this painting.
This painting of a young boy in a field of flowers appears so serene and wholesome. The flowers generate the innocence out of the boy and help to portray his youthfulness.
This painting displays the love of a new mother and her infant playing with what looks to be sand, while sharing a time of bonding. Both the infant and the mother appear genuinely pure.
This young child appears so melancholy, with her bright eyes taking the focus of the photo. Her innocence is clearly seen through the sadness she is obviously portraying.
This young Maori woman depicts a moment of absolute pureness and innocence. Her youthfulness is even more clearly displayed through the flowers she is covered in.
Credits: All media
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