7th grade research (John Constable)

John Constable was an English painter who lived from June 11th, 1776, to March 31st, 1837. He was born in Suffolk, England, and attended school in Lavenham and Dedham, Suffolk. He also attended the Royal Academy. As a child, Constable enjoyed sketching landscapes in the land around his home. He eventually was determined to become a painter. He enjoyed painting in East Bergholt. He was influenced by many artists before him. John Constable used great color in his paintings and always painted places that he related to. For example, he commonly created works of art based off of where he grew up. For this reason his native area is called “Constable country”. In 1824, Constable displayed his work The Haywain at the Paris Salon. He won a gold medal for his work there. It was a great accomplishment for John Constable when he won the gold medal. John Constable was more successful while selling his paintings in France. Not as many people were purchasing his paintings in England, but he continued to stay there because of his love for the country.John Constable married Maria Bicknell in 1816. They had seven children. Unfortunately, Maria died from tuberculosis when she was 41. John Constable was devastated by the loss of his wife, but managed to raise all of his seven children himself. He continued to paint after the loss of his wife. Constable was chosen as a visitor to attend the Royal Academy when he was 52. The students there seemed to appreciate him and his work. After this invitation, he began to give multiple public speeches about landscape paintings, explaining about historic landscapes. Even though Constable seemed to be self taught, he denied that any artist could ever be self taught, that everyone had an inspiration or teacher. On March 31, 1837, John Constable died. He was a very inspirational and amazing artist, and he made great works of art. He painted beautiful landscapes and was very loyal and always painted landscapes in his native country of England.

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