The Art of the Renaissance

By: Quynh-Anh Nguyen

1. I was drawn to this piece because I like how it is similar to handlettering. The stars in the background transform a plain background into a piece of scenery that goes on forever. 2. The art is from the Renaissance because there is a appearance of depth, and the banner shows motion.
1. I was drawn to this piece because I think the white stallion and the knight slaying the dragon is the base story for any fantasy. I think that Raphael painted this picture when his creativity was bursting. 2. This piece is from the Renaissance because the objects are showing motion. The background picture is straying from the focus of religion.
1. I was drawn to this picture because I love Greek and Roman mythology, and this picture accurately portrays the birth of the love goddess, Venus. 2. This picture has the Renaissasnce values of perspective and character movement.
1. I was drawn to this piece because of the lack of color and its tribute to nature. 2. This piece is clearly from the Renaissance because it shows perspective (The castle looks far away) and each object has a corresponding shadow.
Credits: All media
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