Street Art

This gallery has many street art designs from all over to show the diversity of such a raw art form.  Turning the mundane into something spectacular or an artist leaving a mark on the world literally.  These few examples show just how you can turn anything into a canvas with just a little imagination and sometimes a ladder.

This street art comes from Los Angeles California very colorful and vibrant letting us know the lifestyle of the area. This piece gives us a look into the life style scene in this part of Los Angeles colorful bright the kind of color one always hears about in the city of angels. It has parts of the beach scene aliens tourist and a bunch of animals all colored up and looking like they are ready to party. The size of this piece tells you how the artist really wanted to get their entire vision on to the wall its a great piece showing the versatility of street art.
This piece of street art is a great example of artist using abandoned areas left in ruin to make their art. They make this ruined places into artistic masterpieces. The sharp lines and ragged shapes of this piece give almost a menacing feel to this abandoned area. Mostly black, white and gray the bright red makes it seem very visceral almost like red bolts of energy coming out of the walls itself.
I love this piece it just proves that anything can be a canvas given the right imagination and vision of the artist. Its a almost dream like picture a giant wave crashing down onto the boats below. Seems like it should be scary, but instead with how its colored its seems almost tranquil.
This piece was made for an art festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina the artist signed it or tagged it with their name. It shows how even on a dark surface these street artist can still create amazing works. The detail put into the captain america zombie face you can almost feel the terror of seeing such a monster. Then the name of the artist below while contrasts the picture above still flows very organically together.
This piece shows more geometric shapes and formal art that most street art. This piece is more of a mural showing that street art can still used so showcase a more formal style.
This a example of the street art trying to send a message while not colorful it is still very striking. The blacks and gray outlook a giant skeleton reaching out telling you give up your hope. The word investor written into the skull the artist trying to send the message of the corruption of wall street taking from the everyday person to feed itself.
Another example of an artist trying to send a message this time using only words in a much more straightforward manner to get their point across. This street may just be thought of as meaningless to some but to the artist it might of had a very deep meaning. While without the visual impact that other street artists use its a great example of street art most people see as random art with hidden meanings.
This piece comes another art festival from Thessaloniki, Greece called the 4th Street Mode Festival. In this image we have some alien looking piranhas taking apart a guest of the festival as their VIP ticket is visible in the image. Its as if the person is getting eaten alive by the art from the festival itself. The artist did a great job of contrast between the ravenous fish so they did not melt together and the shading gives it amazing depth as if its coming off of the wall itself.
This piece is another example of more formal art being used in street art. This portrait captures a very serious looking Marty McFly from Back to the Future. The detail is incredible the artist used white to help contrast the colors of the his portrait. without that white area the details might have been lost in the wall itself. Very good example of how a artist can show realism can be done in street art.
This piece I saved for last just because of its shear size this artist used the entire side of the building as their canvas. They used a medium that is also different from most street artists as this is a poster put up over the building so the art itself was done before been put up onto the building. This may be viewed by some traditional street artist as not really street art since the work wasn't done outside in the elements besides the putting up of the poster. Still a great piece done with pixel dots showing a transition from man to beast in a very old black and white movie feel. Its not as colorful as most street art but still gives a sense of eire dread.
Credits: All media
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