Blue isn't always cold

When we see the color blue, we instantly think cold. In these paintings that I have chosen, blue is not meant to feel cold, but have emotion and feeling. 

I chose this painting because it shows emotion. I say this because the color blue makes this painting feel serious about the procedure being done. You can feel the pressure of how the doctor feels.
I chose this picture because of the little dash of blue that the artist added. Some may say that the color of the sash could be any color, but the meaning behind the blue sash is to feel the girl's sadness.
I love this painting. The reason I chose this painting is because the blue color shows wonder and excitement, showing imagination.
I chose this painting because the blue represents the coolness of the early morning. Makes it seem almost hazy and magical.
I chose this painting because it feelings like flowing water. It gives it a calm, natural feeling.
This painting that has a woman in blue in it makes the feeling of the painting feel sad. I say this because blue can be a lonely, sad color.
The blue in this painting makes the picture seem dim, meaning the setting is in a darker place and a darker mood.
The blue in this one makes the painting feel dark and mysterious.
The blue in this painting makes it feel magical and almost unreal. You can tell it was suppose to be a dream of some sort.
I chose this picture and pottery because the blue is normal in a china set, but since the figures are broken and shattered, it makes it distressed and sad.
I chose this painting because the blue actually represents cold. I only wanted to have one painting to represent the color blue.
I chose this painting because the blue and green helps represent nature and beauty.
I chose this because the blue shows imagination and wonderment.
I chose this painting because the blue in the painting represents a nice night. It makes it clam and relaxing.
The blue in this drawing makes this image feel bright and cheerful.
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