Life During the Great Depresion

The Dust Bowl was given the name the great plains region davasted by drought in 1930.
Hooverville is shanty town that was built by homeless people during the Great Depression.
The New Deal was very serious of domestic program that was enacted in the United States between 1933 to 1938.
The breadline is housed with 3,500 square foot open bakery where customer could watch everything be watched, be baked .
The soup kitchen is the place that food is offered to the hungry for free or below the market price
The bank holiday is a holiday in the United Kingdom.
Hoboes is a homeless person.
Hoover dam is a concrete arch gravity dam that is in Black canyon of the Colorado River
The bonus Army was very popular name assembling some 43,000 marches.
The Civilian corps was a public work relief program that operated from 1933- 1942 in the United States.
The Dorothea Lange is a influential American documentry photographer.
Is a photographer whose portraits displaced farmers during the Great Depression.
Works Progress Administration was the largest and anmious American New Deal agency
Wagner Act is the foundaional salute of the united state rights.
Tennessee Valley Authority is federally owned corporation in the united states created by congressional in the united states.
Securities and Exchange Commission agency of the united states.
Social Security Act was a social welfare legislative act
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