Lines. Philip Ballard.

This is a Gallery based on the findings of Lines among various pieces of art.  Created by Philip Ballard for the Google Art Project and Art History.

At first glance one may wonder why I chose this particular piece, but all I ask if to look for the Lines. The strong line off the rim of the hat adds brilliant contrast against the darker backdrop, and is only completely by the lines created by the fabric on his coat.
This piece is created by adding a horizontal motion blur to pre-placed horizontal lines. The lines seem to almost cut away at the image slowly, but aggressively revealing what lies beneath.
This portrait of Pablo Picasso is a magnificent work in using lines to pull an image out in order that the audience find its focus. By using curved lines the Man in the portrait himself becomes most prominent.
In this Piece I love how the lines seem to be evolving into more complex shape from bottom to top, or even devolve depending on which way you take it in.
The darkened, barren tree show great contrast amongst the yellow backdrop. As the tree trunk starts to thicken the lines seem to vanish as you follow to the end of a branch. The use of grid is also nice.
The simple use of lines here add great depth and shadow which is interesting when thinking about composition.
This red piece adds brilliant use of gridded lines to break up what seems to be symbols of some sort.
The use of curvature in this piece makes the lines interesting as if they are melting form a faint figure which sits atop the upper left hand corner.
These white lines are gridded in a rectangular pattern which lead to an interesting lithograph feel. The block at the bottom seems to have been detached in what looks like a rain of blue.
This darkened piece adds a bit of sadness to the piece as if the two black lines are separated from each other by a vast sea of white.
Clumps of lines make up this piece and seem to hold the grit of the whole piece together. larger objects are attached to simple skinny straight lines the exist in various spaces amongst the white.
This piece looks to me a large shark fin gliding through a deep blue sea. The use of lines on what seems like a fin show movement through the piece.
A backwards 9 that seems to have been created with on single brushstroke... one single line.
The use of lines to create a mosaic of a person sitting atop a hourglass adds brilliant color amongst the white background.
The great mosaic bear made up up connecting lines is a superb use of color and contrast. The use of lines and contrast adds depth to a piece that is realistically flat. The color also suggests that perhaps this bear may be a polar bear.
Credits: All media
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