Types Of Lines

The Following includes 10 different types of lines. 

This drawing has many different line designs inside other lines and all comes together to make the drawing. It has crosshatching and shading in the dark areas.
This is a continuous line and changes its thickness of the line throughout the drawing
This drawing has cross hatching in the dark areas and lines to make up the building.
This is an abstract drawing. It has many different lines to create one image.
These lines have a pattern and are sold lines.
This is an abstract drawing. These have shading at the top and less lines at the bottom.
This shows all different kinds of lines, curvy, twisty, and straight.
This has a lot of different lines. It shows the darker the part is the more lines are in that area.
This set of lines has straight and slanted lines.
This shows the different sizes and shapes of the lines. It is a crazy and excited theme.
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