A Piece of Byzantium

My gallery represents the physical creations from the byzantine empire and incorporates the icons many people disagreed with and sought to destroy.

I chose this piece because it physically represents Byzantium rather than just a representation through painting or mosaic.This is literally a piece of Byzantium.
I really like the colors in this piece due to the choice of material. The detail is really eye capturing and features the qualities that many iconoclasts disagreed with.
The neutral colors would make you think this work of art is boring and tasteless, but I think that the use of such colors add a way to focus on the content and meaning of the piece instead.
This is exactly what comes to mind when I think of what the iconoclasts would want to destroy.
This is also another icon, but it looks more spiritual in the sphere of Islam or some other practice similar to Islam.
I was going to focus mainly on icons, but this piece really caught my eye because it is really pretty and intricate in detail.
This icon captured my eye because of the color use, the colors are really vibrant
I like this piece because it physically represents what was happening during the Byzantine empire.
I like the state this piece in it because it shows the age and also shows how it may have been destroyed by others.
The Resurrection of christ represented in this picture shows what could have split up the church.
Credits: All media
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