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the contrasting colours in this peice are amazing, this painting would seem imposibul to do. i like how realistic it looks.
this painting is a classic, i saw it when i was 10 in the louve in france it was amazing, vincent had an amazing veiw on life and it shows threw his art.
I like how complex this peice is keith haring was an amazing painter, i saw some of his work in an exzibit at the AGO last summer.
this painting looks like something out of a movie, i would like to one day visite this place
the colours in this picture are amazing they contras with each other amazingly, this is definitely one of my favorite pieces of art ever!
this picture reminds me of the movie war of the worlds. it looks like its the end of the world, the people in it seem in destress.
This painting shows how simplisity can look good it reminds me of a pacso painting.
i like this picture because it reminds me of the song stairway to heaven by ledzepplin also the stairs have a cool bend to them.
i like this picture because it looks like a mob of zombies. also they kind off look life mummies from egypt.
i chose this picture because it is almost the end of the world and the myan calander is what this theory is based on
i chose this picture because medusa has always been one of my favorite mythological creature for threw out time.
i like this piece because it looks exactly like a real person, I cant belive
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