Lines in Oil paint

The lines here are very continuous, and there are many implied lines. The presence of a rainbow of color creates a bright and happy mood.
The lines here are very thick and create abstract looking people forms. The thickness of the line people allow them to appear bent and twisted in some places. Also, there are thin straight lines that seem to separate the piece into three different scenes.
The lines here create an abstract image. The angels depicted do not look realistic at all yet the lines create an image that is still recognizable as angels.
There are thick and thin continuous line here. There is probably every single type of line in this painting.
The lines appear to be very thick and heavy in this piece. They create an abstract image of something, but I can't tell what. The presence of dark colors and heavy lines creates a somber mood.
The stark white, continuous and implied lines create a distinct abstract image. Since the line is white, it is extremely visible in the black back round. I think the line is forming a lamp.
The thin lines form crooked houses and the diagonal lines create depth, it's as if the waterway in the middle goes on for longer than the painting.
Te thin lines here create a structure that looks like the take-off gear for a spaceship. However, the presence of yellowish lines on top of the structure lines make the structure look old and worn and creates an ominous mood.
The lines in here are all curved, I don't think there is a single straight line. The curviness creates a 3D image.
There are many different thicknesses of line here. The objects that the lines outline create a sort of tribal looking pattern.
Credits: All media
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