Assignment 10

I decided to chose Graffiti as the type of images for my gallery. Some graffiti contain a political or consumer message meant to jam culture. I believe modern street art can send a culture jamming message of both of these concepts in a single piece of art. Of the five pieces of graffiti, two contain subjects displaying the piece sign with their fingers. One of which blends popular culture of the Ghostbusters movies. The second piece contains a really large image of a cute and innocent baby. Both images grab your attention with their subject - the cute baby and the familiar movie symbol.  The other three pieces of Graffiti are from Banksy. The pieces contain an idea which you must take a bit of time to analyze; ignoring the actions of powerful organizations. The Sweeping under the Rug image and the image of the two people looking up to the flag symbolizes our cultures admiration to big companies and unwillingness to hold them accountable for their actions (Tesco was investigated for price fixing in 2007).  The final image is self aware - a rat beside a message about the art of graffiti.

Credits: All media
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