Transformation throughout mosaics texts 

This gallery is meant to observe transformation throughout all of the mosaics texts from this semester. Every work that was read in class this semester has strong elements of transformation. Each work requires transformation for plot development and the build upon the lessons that sought the be learned from each work. Transformation is a theme that can be found in most texts, but because these texts are cornerstones of western philosophy and mankind it is important to see how the change in them reflects the changes that man has endured. Each text brings a unique perspective of the human condition to the table and by taking the time to understand how they transform from start to finish has helped me better understand transformation in and around my life. These texts are ones that  was not previously too familiar with but by taking the time to read and understand them, they have opened my eyes and transformed my way of thinking.

This sun mask is a representation of Shamash the sun god. Gilgamesh’s devotion to Shamash is why Gilgamesh transforms as a character. “After they killed the bull of heaven they ripped out its heart and presented it to Shamash.” (Gilgamesh 24)
This represents the Bull of Heaven. By killing the Bull of heaven, Gilgamesh angers the gods who kill Enkidu. Enkidu’s death changes Gilgamesh’s views on life and therefore transforms him. “Enlil said:'Let Enkidu die” (Gilgamesh 25)
This sculpture represents the relationship that Gilgamesh and Enkidu had. They were so close that Enkidu’s death transformed Gilgamesh and made him a completely new person I mourn for Enkidu, my friend, shriek in anguish like a mourner." (Gilgamesh 31)
Freud talks about escaping to find happiness. One method of escape is through “ chronic intoxication” (Freud 12) This painting of a beer add is to represent escape and transformation through intoxication.
Freud talks about how man can escape unhappiness through sex. This painting titled Naked girl with eggs is to represent escape and transformation through sexual release. “ sexual love, gives us our most intense experience of an overwhelming pleasurable sensation” (Freud 11)
Freud talks about isolationism as a way to escape and transforms one's views on society. These views are reminiscent to that of Thoreau's hence the picture of him. “isolation from others, is the readiest safeguard against the unhappiness” (Freud 8)
This statue is a representation of the duality of thought that goes into the transformation of Genly Ai’s views of Gethen. "Light is the left hand of darkness and darkness the right hand of light”(Leguin 115)
In the introduction Leguin says "Truth is a matter of imagination" This quote is applicable later on in the story and makes me think of Genly Ai’s transforming his perspectives and accepting Karhide because of his imagination and for that John Lennon is a universal symbol for imagination. (Leguin 3)
Socrates' views on death have shaped and transformed western views on the subject. fear of death is indeed the pretence of wisdom and not real wisdom (Plato 14) This statue is meant to be an embodiment of Socrates.
Rather than leaving Athens and seeking freedom, Socrates remained. By doing this he showed his followers ( mostly youth) that he truly stood for what he believed in.”my dear Crito, should we care about the opinion of the many? Good men, and they are the only persons who are worth considering” (Plato 8) This statue is a physical representation of the youth and how they transformed from Socrates teachings.
Wilde shows that transformation can only do so much “The drawback of stealing a thing, Mrs.Cheveley, is that one never knows how wonderful the thing that one steals is.” (Wilde 72) This painting is meant to be a physical representation of the sneaky Mrs. Cheveley.
Wilde captures how quickly emotions can transform the atmosphere of a situation.“You dislike me. I am quite aware of that. And I have always detested you.” (Wilde 51) This picture of tea is a representation of when Ms. Cheavely has tea with Lady Chiltern.
Wilde demonstrates how love can transform one's motives. Love caused Ms.Cheavely to fall into Lord Gorings trap. “I suppose that when a man has once loved a woman, he will do anything for her, except continue to love her”(Wilde 68) This painting of Venus is a physical representation of the power of love.
Taoism transforms its followers by making them feel one with the universe. To achieve this they must be “like the boundless ocean” (Chapter 8 Laozi) This photo of a Chinese river which flows into the ocean.
To be truly transformed by the Tao te ching, one must accept its duality.”Thus, the constant void enables one to observe the true essence. The constant being enables one to see the outward manifestations. These two come paired from the same origin.” (Laozi Chapter 1) This painting represents the duality of Taoism.
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