De-light-ful Art - Julian Camacho

The theme I have selected is a mix of lighting and saturation. These pieces of art either contain beautiful light composition or the colors used are strong and immediately capture the audience's attention. 

It looks as if a very important person, like a king, is receiving praise for his wedding. I see the red colors as a symbol of power, respect, and those close to royalty.
In this piece, it seems as if the woman had knocked unconscious, if not killed, the man lying on the floor. The lighting is simply beautiful. It shows the drama in the moment and the few colors only compliment the whole piece.
Raphael did great in selecting the colors used. The red and blue really stick out and makes the woman the quick immediate focus. I see the red as a sign for love and the blue as a sign for understanding. Then the background suggests a more naturalistic feel to the whole piece.
Again, the lighting is the just beautiful. The soft tone of colors and the soft overlay of the light really brings out the drama in the scene.
In this piece, Mrs. Coolidge was given the bright, vibrant red dress as a sign of power, because she is in the house that rules a country. I think the white dog represents purity as in she is a woman with power, but with good intentions.
In this piece, Lotto made the baby and mother stand out more with lighting and color. The baby more white and the mother with the bright red and blue. The other two men are clear, but do not stand out as much as the virgin and child.
The colors used in this piece where placed masterfully. Though, there may be several colors in the piece, the first one to catch your eye is the center lighter blue where Jesus is. He is a lighter shade and the blue and green really pop out and just pull the piece together.
One of my favorite pieces in this collection. The lighting here was captured so perfectly, it almost looks like a real photo. The dark colors brightened slightly by the light in the background (sun) gives a sense of slight warm to the overall piece. A very beautiful piece.
Here we can see that the background is rather faded to a darker color, and in the foreground we can see that a woman wearing an eye-catching red dress and an young girl. The red immediately captures the eye. The meaning behind the bright dress is for the audience to decide.
I find the title of this piece enjoyable. "A little bit louder now..." worked so well with the pop of the red overlay in the piece. The red enhances the picture overall because it just stands out. Durrant knew that people would be visually drawn to the bright color used in the piece.
Credits: All media
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