Leaf Texture

This gallery, Leaf Texture, was put together to showcase the numerous and beautiful textures and patterns that can be seen throughout nature in various types of leaves. Many of these items are missed by us as we carry on about our busy days. Take the time to notice the little things. You'll be glad you did.

Depicted in this image are leaves of tobacco and grass. The image is cast in shadowy tones allowing the textures within to shine forth. There is an emphasis of lines running through the leaves, at one time carrying nutrients and supporting life. The formation of these leaves inspires one leaf as a whole.
The leaves of Orchidea shown in this image allow a deeper look inside. Although the shape of the leaves vary, notice that the lines within appear to run in straight lines throughout. Upon closer inspection, a plethora of smaller lines run within their own system which branches forth from the main body lines of each leaf.
This image displays the natural beauty of the red oak leaf. Many leaves have been compiled together in a random formation, allowing the leaves to lay naturally. The finest of lines are emphasized by the black and white coloration of the picture. It is as though each cell can be viewed individually in this spectacular capture.
The stems and leaves of the Aristolochia lend themselves to an enjoyable viewing. The fine detail captured within the lines of the leaves themselves almost pales in comparison to the smallest details of fine hairs covering all surfaces of the leaves. Notice the way the leaves grow and curl in symphony with the stems of the plant.
This is a remarkable piece showcasing texture in leaves. While similarly shaped, each leaf has it's own pattern despite being all of the same type. Notice how all of the lines come together in various forms, without unity, but working together. The golden color helps to emphasize the deep lines within each leaf.
These chestnut leaves provide a splendid example of texture. Each leaf appears to be still alive except for the golden brown hue and leathery texture. The lines of each life run in unity with one another, each one parallel to the next. This sends out a sense of balance within the piece.
These leaf derived inkstone rubbings manage to spotlight a different texture of the leaves. The first thing that stands out is the emphasis of the outline and main lines of each leaf as they rubbings provided a darker color for these areas based on a more definitive texture. The finer textures are still present upon taking a closer look, but they are more subtle due to the rubbing process.
Shades of autumn call out from this image. While the colors may be most noticeable, the fine textures are also prevalent in this image. Each leaf is the same in it's structure, but when looking very closely, one is able to see the variance in size of the lines in each based on the stage of life they were in at the time of their fall.
This piece beautifully captures texture. Many leaves are present in this image. Most intriguing is the detail captured in even the smallest leaves and the darkest, shadowy areas. The leaves balance perfectly with and against one another in their shape and flow. The colors in this piece are soft and muted, allowing the detail to flow through.
The Carnauba leaf from Brazil. The deep lines running the length of these leaves is a dramatic departure to the other leaves in this collection as well as from those we would typically see on a daily walk. One is able to see where all of the leaves come together in unison towards the stalk and spread out in near perfect segments to the end of the leaf.
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