Gods in Sand - Anton Hough

This gallery displays the mythical Egyptian Gods and what roles they played in Egyptian religion as well as Egyptian mythology and culture. This gallery will include some of the most famous Egyptian Gods. This gallery includes Amun, the King of the Gods; also the god of the dead, Anubis and The sun god Ra.

This is a statue of Amun, the Egyptian king of the Gods. The statue is made out of bronze and is colored black and Amun appears to have no arms. It represents Amun on his throne ruling the gods to me. I would have added a thrower for him to sit on at least.
This falcon statue is Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky. The falcon is wearing Horus' crown and it appears to be made out of bronze. Horus is usually depicted as a man with a falcon's head. This falcon statue is a perfect representation of Horus and the sky.
This papyrus painting involves Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead. There appears to be a funerary ritual going on in the picture. This picture captures Anubis in his dealings with the afterlife. The focal point is the scales and the person who is having their fate judged.
This carving show Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Love. The king is showing a gift to Hathor assuming he's professing his love to her. The offering obviously centers around Hathor receiving the gifts. There is text around Hathor so the focal point is Hathor.
Cats are worshiped as gods in Egypt. So it would be right to have the Cat Goddess, Bastet. Bastet also represented protection and motherhood, as she was sometimes depicted with kittens. This statue fits perfectly with what Bastet represents. The composition is simple yet powerful. Less its more with this statue
This painted statue is the Egyptian God of the Underworld, Osiris. This is a wooden statue that was hand painted. Osiris is one of the few Egyptian Gods that is not associated with any kind of animal. It's nice to see a statue in full color. I think this statue is represented greatly of what an Egyptian God would look like, colors and all.
Ra, The Egyptian God of the Sun. One of the many famous Egyptian Gods because of what he represents. Ra represents the sun. The early Egyptians believed that Ra was responsible for the sun rising and sun setting. The medium is silver and it doesn't have any color. There's powerful simplicity in this figure.
Ptah is the Egyptian God that represents creation as well as craftsmanship. I can assume that Egyptian artists and architects drew their creative energies and inspirations from Ptah. This bronze statue was crafted to represent Ptah. no color was added but the look of Ptah was captured flawlessly. Maybe Ptah helped the artist make this statue.
This is a statue of the Egyptian Goddess of protection, Wadjet. Wadjet was believed to protect women and newborn babies during childbirth and continued to protect those children during their childhood. This bronze statue has the most intricate details I've see so far. The details in the crown, the garbs and face are amazing.
Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of magic and healing. This statue is made out off siltstone and has no color added. The statue depicts Isis protecting her husband Osiris as any wife should protect her husband. The details are beautiful in this statue. Isis and Osiris appear to be very much in love in this statue depiction.
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