Love: how cultures perceive, and show love through different types of art.

This painting was made in the 1900s. It shows a women writing a love letter to the man she is in love with. There is a lot of detail to the girls face all the way down to the engravings on the table she is writing the letter on. The woman seems very happy and optimistic and it has a light romantic feel overall.
In this painting it shows an old man in love with his wife. His wife seems very much younger than him. This shows how the idea of love and marriage has changed. In the 1500s girls got married a lot sooner than they do today. Though the love seems to be unequal, the mans face seems so pure and nothing but love for his wife. The video I chose is love from a childs eyes, kids about the age of his wife.
This statue shows the teaching of love. The amount of detail that goes into each figure, not just their bodies but also their clothing and accessories is remarkable. The figure teaching the other people is depicted to be an angel, showing they viewed love as a gift from God.
This has to be my favorite piece. The artist collected classic love stories from tons of movies and represented it in his insulation. Some blocks are brighter than others and some are not lit up at all, symbolizing the different kinds of love, some are not reciprocated or they end in heart break.
This piece is another lady writing a love letter. This time it is not her alone but also with a friend. Both of the faces are in side profile like the Egyptians depicted their people. It shows their culture a lot by all the accessories the women is wearing.
This is a still life from a show about Rama and Shinta. It is a live performance bringing art to life. The costumes show their culture and the actors bring to life the love story of these two people which the story is about.
This picture is to show the other side of love. It is not always reciprocated or is not always said out loud. This shows a women who appears to be on her death bed. She is full of despair because she never go to tell the love of her life how she felt. This shows the darker side of love.
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