natalie's gallery of the federalist artwork

My collection of artwork is made up of pieces I enjoy from the federalist time period. 

This artwork has an elderly man standing on a cliff next to a harp. The texture in this piece soft and airy. The colors give this painting a nice unity.
The painting depicts two girls sitting in a room by a window with books in their hands. The dark background colors contrast with the high key light colors of the girls.
The background's texture is very rough. The red in his collar makes deep contrast with the black and gold in his jacket.
The colors are very soft and pastel. The main focus of the painting is the girl with the cat. The dark colors of the wall in the background contrast with the light colors of the girl.
The main focus of the painting is the man because his light colors contrast with the dark background.
The painting is of an artist holding a pallet with paint. The overall colors are very dark except for the hints of yellow. The frame around the picture is very nice.
This painting depicts a man in Roman ruins. The fabric wrapped around his body is a bright red and stands out compared to the other pastel colors in the painting.
This painting is very beautiful and full of pastel colors. The main focus is nature.
The black of his jacket contrasts with the red in the curtain and the paleness of his face. The man is the main focus.
The gold details on his jacket stand out from the rest of the painting. The background is noticeably soft with dark and pastel colors.
This painting's background illuminates the vegetables on the table. The bright colors contrast with the shadows.
The main focus of the painting is the bright berries. Every thing in the painting is dark.
The main focus of this painting is the man. The background is grey and all of the colors are monotone.
The head dress on the Indian is very detailed. The fabric painted on is made to look like silk. The main focus is the Indian.
The main focus is nature. All of the colors have a hint of green. The sky's color is a light grey.
The main focus is a tree in this painting. The colors all have a sepia/ yellow tone.
This painting of a jaguar is very detailed and realistic. The background is an accurate representation of the jaguar's natural habitat with all the bright jungle colors.
This painting of herons looks simple from a distance, but up close has a lot of detail. These Herons looks very realistic and their anatomy is correct in the painting. All of the colors are pastel.
The focus of the statue is a bust of a man. The art work is very clean and realistic.
The main focus of the statue is a bust of a man. This artwork is very detailed and looks realistic.
The main focus of this statue is a child holding a blanket. This artwork is detailed and very expressive.
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