My Artistic Bucket List

Works of art I want to see in person.

Ida B. Wells, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C., 1891, From the collection of: National Women’s History Museum
This illustration print, by I. Garland Penn, uses different types of lines and hatch marks to produce texture and shading that is very realistic. Using asymmetrical balance showing Ida facing right, but looking left, he creates a focal point in Ida’s gaze, which appears to look over the viewer’s right shoulder. In this portrait, Ida has a majestic, regal quality and captures her character very well.
Still Life with Watermelon, Pears, Grapes, Lilly Martin Spencer, ca. 1860, From the collection of: National Museum of Women in the Arts
In this oil painting on canvas, Spencer uses color, texture and shading to provide depth and reality. The stark contrast of the dark background highlights the fruit and makes it the focal point. The watermelon looks good enough to eat with its red flesh, a slightly transparent look of the thinnest part and a jagged edge along the top. The crinkled leaves offset the smooth texture of the fruits. The shadow cast by the peach on the table creates even more depth.
In this oil painting on canvas, O'Keefe uses texture and shading to provide depth and reality. The skull has a mix of heavy and light shading to indicate where there are sharper edges and gentle curves respectively. The shadow cast by the skull on the background provides depth and the illusion that it is above the surface. She also uses color for balance. The vast white background provides an excellent backdrop for the focal point. In contrast, the delicate blue color of the morning glory captures our attention and balances the harshness of the skull with its subtle beauty. It seems to sooth that fragmented side of the skull.
Riders at Sunset, E. Martin Hennings, 1935-1945, From the collection of: Smithsonian American Art Museum
In this oil painting on canvas, Hennings creates a realistic composition using stark shadows, harsh lines, and subtle colors. We see the long shadows cast onto the sand by the desert brush and the outline of light captured as we view the horses and riders from the shady side. The painting has an interesting imbalance that takes your eye on a tour of the scene from the horseman with the red blanket, to the other horseman in a blue blanket, across the extremely dark mountain range into the clouds and back again. There is a somber feel to the work because the riders seem to be meandering at the end of a tiring day.
Fountains in a row, Avenue Of One Hundred Fountains, Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Lazio, Italy, De Agostini/Getty Images, 2007-01-08, From the collection of: Getty Images
The lush covering of moss and ferns softens this stone fountain in Tivoli, Italy. The vertical motion of the water balances the long horizontal line and the upward motion of the fountains offsets the downward motion of the falling water. The focal point in the picture is the tan colored eagle perched over the edge. The sharp edges of the eagle contrast the soft edges of the vegetation. I can feel a sense of calm as I imagine the soothing sounds from the cascading water.
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