I love the bold and vibrant colors. The blocks of color have little texture while her figure is a little stiff her form is simmilliar to egyptian styles while the flat colors offer little texture in the forefront of the painting while in the background there is more depth and texture.
The details in this painting are amazing. I love the animals and the flowers. I think the woman on the couch is european and maybe in a dream world where the landscape is the jungle. While the hornpllayer is a little more natural to the environment. The lines are very clean but I find that the style is more ethereal and less organic.
I know that this isn't a painting it's a screenprint but I am drawn to this medium nonetheless I would love to learn. I love the texture and the subtleties of line and value. You can find faces in the background I wonder if this was intentional or just me.
I love the movement of this painting that somehow the heavens and the night is alive and in motion. The tree and the steeple are the only things that toucch the sky i wonder if the tree is a message as well as the church. This painting has a mystery within it and a story to tell. It's dark yet whimsical.
I am coming to love Van Gogh I find the whimsical style mixed with the dark mysterious undertones and the unstructured brush stroke Highly appealing and this painting has a ton of movement almost as if you can see the wind blowing through the trees and clouds.
This painting is a mystery to me I could find a thousand stories within the glow and the smoke. I like sorta dark and mysterious paintings I almost want to tell a story in them or of them maybe aaround it I try to imagine it's secrets.
Van Gogh has a distinct style I could tell thiswas his before I clicked on it. The way the beard has the swirly brush strole and theflourish in the background. His style is almost grainy like a kid coloring with a marker.
I cannot tell you why i like this painting the lack of mystery or story but it has a musing of a childs heart and I like it
I keep returning to this leaf i am drawn to it. I like thingsthat come from nature because it is the ultimate work of art. This to me has an almost embryonic feeling to it as if some animal had grown and come to life within it.
I love theflattonality of the colorshe used on the house and the line value is moch mor clear and difinitive on the buildings. While the color is still vibrant in the vegitation complet line vallue breaks down almost as if the bush were really alive.
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