Shannen's Gallery

Survival of the fitest , protect your own!
I love the contrast , also the skyline is beautiful.
I love this piece , its secluded and makes you wonder is this real?
I love winter , it reminds me of playing in the snow.
I love this piece it reminds me of a tropical resort.
I like this piece , its a beautiful scene.
This piece makes me want to go to sleep. its calming.
This piece looks like a storm is coming.
This piece reminds me of my dog Bishop , he walks like he's a lion.
This piece reminds me of when i use to go to the carnival with my mom when i was young.
This piece reminds me of wildlife and i love all types of birds.
This piece reminds me of my myom , she loves flowers.
This piece reminds me of spending time with my family.
In this piece , the woman i looks unhappy.
I love the landscaping in this piece.
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