Men and Women in Art

Societal views of men and women throughout history.

In this painting the author portrays a man reading a book with a child watching him. He looks serious as if he is a scholar. This reflects the renewal of learning brought by Renaissance society at the time which focused on humanity and realism. The artist is known for his portraits distinguished by the landscapes in the background.
The man in this painting looks strong and proud. This is emphasized by his coat which suggests that he is royalty or an otherwise upper-class citizen. This reflects the view that men should be strong and powerful. The artist Paolo Veronese is a Renaissance painter mainly known for his paintings of religious and mythological subjects.
This man appears to be laughing, perhaps while watching people dance to the song he is playing on his flute. This painting plays to the emotional side of man instead of portraying a stoic, powerful person. This was painted by a Dutch painter who specialized in kitchen scenes and mythological figures.
This painting by a Swedish portrait painter goes back to the view of men as strong, powerful figures. This man looks well-educated and wealthy which connects to that theme.
Herman Kasriel's painting takes a new direction compared to the others in the gallery. The subject looks much more authentic and casual compared to the others. He is wearing less fancy clothes and looks more like a regular person. No information about the artist could be found.
This oil on canvas painting was painted by the founder of Brazillian abstract art. The woman looks distinguished and very thoughtful.
The Colombian woman in this painting looks like she can hold her own, is very self aware, and she can depend on herself. This was painted by another Brazillian artist.
This woman looks melancholy and let down. No information could be found about the artist.
This painting, held in the Rockefeller National Historical Park. These sisters look somewhat melancholy because their other sister had recently died. The rightmost sister looks very serious while the leftmost looks happier and like she has a mind of her own.
This painting is from Australia. It features two women looking at swans. One looks more distinguished and pensive while the other looks as if she's in her own world.
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