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People With Fancy Hats

1. The woman's clothing represents that she is rich. She is wearing an orange/green dress. She is also wearing a ruby gold necklace and has a beautiful head band. 2. The painting in her left hand is a picture of a woman holding a knife. Under that painting, there is a letter with letters. Then, under that is a Yellow leaf flower. 3. The painter wants the viewer to see in this painting is that she is a rich and wealthy person that knows how to write and read. 4. Her name would be Osmaine. That name fits in because she is wearing fancy clothes and the name sounds fancy, too.
1. This young woman is very wealthy and rich because she has a very slim and fancy dress along with gold trims. She also has a very stylish looking hat. 2. She is holding a red book in one hand and it might be a bible. That could show that she knows how to read and write and is probably christian. 3. The painter wants the viewer to see her only and something in the background because the painting is shaped as an oval to capture the person only. 4. Her name would be Purpoly because she likes the color purple and it really brings out her eyes.
1. The man in the painting is wearing a fancy blue hat and a red robe, which indicates he is rich. 2. He is holding a gold ring in his right hand. He is probably thinking to sell it. But it seems that he feels greedy. 3. The painter wants the viewer to see the man's face and hands. The black background makes the parts of the body stand out. 4. The man's name would be Osmane.It fits his appearance and era.
1. The woman in the painting is wearing a fancy dress made out of heavy, expensive material. The dress is decorated with gold trim and fancy collar and sleeves. 2. She has bracelets, rings, earrings, and a necklace as symbols of wealth and status. 3. The painter used dark colors to draw the viewer’s attention to her white skin. 4. Her name would be Graciela because she is graceful and peaceful.
1. The man is wearing a fancy hat trimmed with fur. The fur and the decorations on his gold and silver suit tell the viewer that he is rich and powerful. 2. He has two massive precious stone rings on his hands. The man wears decorations and the jewelry to show how important and wealthy he is. 3. The painter wants to show how festive the man’s suit is. The man is probably getting ready for a royal gathering at a palace. 4. This man’s name would be Arthur. The name fits his elite posture and look.
1. The woman in the painting has a large field hat with fancy feathers for décor. Her dress is plain in color but is decorated with heavy ruffles made out of silk, the fabric of the rich. 2. The hands are hidden from the view but it is noticeable that the ruffles, golden silk, and the fancy hat represent her high standings in the society. 3. The painter shines the light on the woman to show her beautiful face and the quality of her makeup and clothes. He uses the red background to show that she is wealthy. 4. Her name would be Heather. She reminds of a flower with ruffles and feathers.
1. The woman in the painting is wearing a pretty hat decorated with flowers. Her dress is made of the flower pattern fabric, which is complemented by the background of green trees and blue sky. 2. She wears gold color gloves and umbrella to show that she is from the rich family. 3. The painter used a lot of light colors and flowers to show the viewer that the woman is like spring in the garden -young and beautiful. 4. This young woman’s name would be Flora. It suits her surrounding and flowery style.
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