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This piece of art caught my eyes because we were talking about it a few days ago in History. We were talking about Reinassance and the popularity of art during this era. It's interesting for me how different it is from medieval art. I like how Humanism is used to draw actual figures in this painting.
The first thing that I saw in this piece was the way that human figures are drown. The way that the artist didn't sketch hands and other details deeply caught my eyes. I also think the way the artist used colors and shadows in this painting is vary interesting, too.
The first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this was "Why would someone want to draw his grandmother chair?!!!" After that I read the details and I understood that this is a chair that Vincent Van Gogh drew when he was staying with his colleague. I like the usage of so many different colors for just drawing one single chair. I also like how he has used warm and cold colors together, like in then leg of the chair for example.
This piece is very interesting for me. The fact that how you can turn a simple bedroom to an artwork is so cool. I also noticed the contrast between the colors that are used. Another thing that caught my eyes was the use of the color yellow. Despite the fact that I always saw yellow as a light color, it seems so bold in this painting.
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