greener on EVERY SIDE (samuel agbasi)

This gallery will be displaying various works of art that contain the color green and have a significant amount of material relating to nature. I will mainly be focusing on oil paintings. All of the works of art that you will see have caught my eye during my research and I hope they are enjoyable for you as well. 

This particular piece uses an assortment of different shades of green to depict a massive landscape of North Africa. Where the sky meets the land is where the lightest shades of green (coupled with yellow) begin and as you make your way down to the bottom of the painting the shading gets darker and mixes with brown. This is a great representation of nature and the use of the color green.
This oil painting is a great example of the use of the color green being used to create a pasture in the middle of a valley by a pond. Other colors like brown are used to create cows in the distance as well as in the foreground. This is a great example of using proportion to add depth to the painting.
This painting is very minimal. Pictured in the painting are some grapes draped over a few apples. Right next to the fruit, there is a glass of what looks like water. I chose this paint because these fruits are grown from nature's soil. The greens used in this painting are mainly for the grapes but there are also hints of green around the stem of the apple. Different shades of green are used on each grape to give them a three dimensional look and feel.
Petroviç uses green (in addition to many other colors) to create look of a supposedly a dirt road uphill valley with the feel of being part of a town. In this painting, green is used more on the outer edges of the work to create feeling of land surrounding the dirt valley.
This piece of art is a depiction of a large field of land. It is very plain and simple work. It looks like there are some buildings in the far background as well. Yellow is the main color in this particular piece but it also has hints of green that compliment the other colors very well.
This painting is of a boat dock with people along the river doing different things. Some children are fishing. It has a very eerie feeling to it that I feel is caused by the clouds. The color green is very vivid in this piece as it is used to create a hill of grass leading to the boat dock.
This work of art is a painting of a simple forest that changes colors in various parts. One of the first things I noticed when I looked that the painting is that has very high grass. The shading of green around the tree is very light (almost lime in color). The shading gets alot darker where the green grass meets the yellow grass.
This is a painting of two humans standing in the middle of a field with high green grass. It is apparent that it is nighttime in the painting as indicated by the color black around the tree trunks in the background. The direction of the grass around the two figures indicates that a path is being made for them to walk. Green is being used for the grass and also for the lady's dress (along with blue).
This is a painting of one lone red boat in a pond. Leading up to the boat is a little downhill trail that ends with a dock to the boat. There is also a cow roaming in the grassy area of the field. The color green is being used in the majority of the painting. Dark green shading is used for the trees primarily and lighter green shading is used for the grass closest to the boat.
This work by Paul Cezanne is very simplistic and straightforward. The trees in the painting barely have any leaves on them. The painting is of a grass field with hills in the background. The greens used for the grass are very blotchy and vary in shading from spot to spot.
Credits: All media
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