Moses GAllery

This was Moses after he was put into the river from his mother because pharaoh was killing all the new born boys. He was guided by God to the wife of pharaoh.
This was God approaching Moses after he ran from Egypt and commanding Moses to tell pharaoh to let his people go.
This was the Israelite's departing from Egypt, finally free and pharaoh agree's to let Gods people go.
This was Moses putting the snake on the pole. God instructed him to do this for everyone who was bitten by the snake was healed if they looked at the snake on the pole.
The prophet Moses striking the rock following Gods order. He did and water came out the rock but this was also the reason why Moses could not get into the promise land for striking the rock twice.
This was the prophet Moses as he is coming down from the mountain. He brings to the world the ten commandments from the Lord.
This is Joseph, His ancestor was the prophet Moses. I just wanted to show how his bloodline was favor by God.
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