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What does the artwork's original placement reveal about the culture?

This was originally placed on top of a tower. This reveals how gods were important to this culture because this magnificent 18 ft would have shimmered and shined on top of that cathedral tower, making it a center piece of the town.
This suit of armer was originally kept at the Royal Workshops at Greenwich. It was held there while Clifford wasn't in need of it, and was admired for its craftsmanship and decorations. This reveals that this English culture valued design and appearances just as much as actually winning the jousting tournaments. Keeping it at the royal workshops not only kept it safe and secure while not in use, it paid tribute to the artist and craftsmanship of the piece.
This table was originally placed in either a home or office setting. This reveals that cards and leisure time were important in this culture.
The original placement of the bis poles were outside homes of the deceased and in tree groves. The placement of these poles and the use of them in ceremonies to combat death reveal the mysticism of this culture and the large role death plays in it.
This was originally the top of a sarcophagus. It's placement in a tomb reflects how wealth was important to their culture and was reflected through the use of marble and the ornateness of this man's burial place.
It's original placement in a tomb reveals how oriented the Egyptian culture was around the afterlife and the Nile.private gallery
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