Diversity of Land 

We come from a world of many different cultures and backgrounds. Here in this gallery you will find the many different landscapes that our world has to offer. Some may look similar but all countries hold similarities one way or another. Even though some of these landscapes may look similar they are all different in their own way. Let us explore what our world of art in landscape has to offer. 

Here is a painting from Canberra, Australia. This beautiful landscape painting was done by John Glover. In this painting you can see three people enjoying the peacefulness of the valley. They are enjoying music played by the gentleman playing a flute that seems to be made from wood. Glover captured the details very well of the natural look of all the vegetation around plus the animals. The detailing of light and shadow makes the painting look realistic. Looking into the picture makes you feel as you are there.
What a beautiful painting this is. Of course this is the inside of the Colosseum in Rome. This was done in the 1800's by Thomas Cole. Cole was able to grasp almost every detail of Colosseum from the building itself to the live greens surrounding it. Look closely and you will see a huge what seems to be a metal cross standing in the middle of the Colosseum. The cross seems to have a sign hanging over top of it. Cole just like Glover in the Australian painting captured the essence of being there. For those who have never gone to the Colosseum like me just by looking at this painting makes you want to book a flight right away.
The artist here, which is William Stanley Haseltine. In the water you can see a small sailboat. That indicates that the day is nice and calm and peaceful. What also indicates that the day is nice to be outside is the couple under the tree. They could be enjoying a picnic or a good book. Haseltine used a nice mixer of color. Using the darker ones for the plants and the lighter ones for the the sky making the painting look at ease.
United States. We of course also have our landscape beauty. This picture is obviously showing the winter season. What comes in winter? Christmas. The artist Fern I. Coppedge shows Christmas time by the way the snow is covering the ground, and slightly covering some of the rooftops. The detailing in the color of this painting show that it is either sunrise or sunset. It seems as if everything is waking up or getting ready for nightfall.
Here we have another painting done by Glover. Here you can see a uses the same color pallet as the other painting. The detail on the way the trees are painted seem life like. The one that stands out the most is the one in the middle with its branches growing off to the sides. Even the detail of the cattle in the background and nicely made. You are still able to make out what kind of animal he painted when you look at it. The mountains are also life like. You can see the trees on them it is not just a smooth surface. The painting has a lot of definition to it.
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This looks more like a photograph than an actual painting. Who knows? Marc Ferrez the artist could have that special touch on his paintings that look like a photograph. Here you can see the difference between the other countries painting shown from before. In this piece you see more buildings than actual landscape. Even though there are more building this piece makes Rio look tranquil being by the sea side.
If I am not mistaken this is a painting from Spain done by Fritz Bamberger. This piece of art is amazing. The detail is amazing. It is so perfect to the point where you can literally see the sun rays beaming down on the upper hand right corner down to what seems some sand dunes. The brightness of the painting makes you feel as if sunset is about to start. This painting just brings so much life just by the vibrant color from the sun.
Germany. The rocky filled beach side shows the diversity of our world. Not all beaches has to have sand. This painting looks half photographed and half painted. The details from the closer rocks seem more life like than the further ones. The colors are so simple in this painting, which makes it so beautiful because of its simplicity. The sea gals in this painting are very detailed even the ones on the ones flying in the air. Makes you want to sit there and just think about life or just read a book.
In this painting you can clearly see Native Americans. The strokes of the paint brush that Paul Kane did made the clouds seem 3-D. The clouds seem to pop out of the picture a title. The tress also seem very life like as well. Everyone in the picture seems as if they are getting ready to head back into their homes for the day. It seems to be the start of the fall season because some of the tress have different colored leaves. Kane captured a really good image of everyone working together.
Last but not least is this picture done by Duncanson, Robert Scott. This painting looks very calm and serene. I could be wrong but the strokes from the paint brush looks like he was going for a foggy look for the mountains. The mountains are perfectly painted. Just like the first picture there are people that seem to enjoy the peaceful landscape that they are in.
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